Can I place a custom order?

Custom orders are welcomed but can be difficult to fill at certain times of the year.  Please contact me for quotes and time frames of when I will be available. 

Do the pieces come framed?

All pieces come as pictured. If it has a frame, the piece will come with that frame.  (I usually frame all the pieces I can; if it is not framed, there is a reason I couldn’t frame it or it just didn’t require framing.

Do you ship nationally? Internationally?

Currently I only ship nationally.

What is your return policy?

I insure all the pieces that I ship out, so if it is damaged during shipping it is covered.  Be sure to inspect the piecce upon receipt and if it is damaged please contact me immediately. 

My customers’ satsifaction is my only concern and I will do all that I can to rectify the damaged product or refund your money.  However, I am not responsible for damage done to the product after you have received it. 

All sales are final and I do not accept returns for anything other than damage during shipping. 

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